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Dalimary Diagnosed at age 33

"I am like the head of my family so getting diagnosed was not only hard on my family my also hard for my community!"


My name is Dalimary, 34 years young and mother of 3 beautiful children & married to a wonderful man! I got diagnosed with BREAST CANCER (invasive ductal carcinoma) on Jan 16 2020 .. at only 33 years old.

Last November of 2019, right before the holidays, I was watching a documentary of a football coach who lost his wife to Breast cancer. That same night I told myself ‘let me do a breast exam on myself’ just in case I felt anything, and to my surprise, I felt a small lump on my right breast. After feeling the lump (God stepped in) I decided to get checked!

The day I got diagnosed I was grocery shopping with my mom when I got the

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