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Nitisha Y Diagnosed at age 30

Nitisha Y

Nitisha Y Diagnosed at age 30

"The silver lining in this disruption is that I did not adhere to the"dogmas of the past". Being an educationalist, it's quite tough for me to adapt but I learnt to sail my ship in that disastrous storm."

Nitisha Y

Before 2020, I was driving my own train of adventures & enjoyment. Frankly speaking , the year 2020 was not that much more substantial than one expected it to be. It was like a nightmare that suddenly became a bitter truth & it shattered my world.

I may be broken for a while, but that’s ok. What made me strong was despite the million things that hurt me, I spoke of nothing. Nothing but happiness. Pain shapes a woman into a warrior. My damaged petals are what made me more beautiful than all the other flowers.I'm full of wounds riddled with scars, but I'm still batting for my second innings.

“I have accepted fear as part of life – specifically the fear of change… I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart that says: turn back….”

Everything was exquisite until the covid virus trapped my family in June 2020. Almost all the members of my family were Covid positive. But thankfully , we all recovered soon. We all were very content and blessed , but we weren’t aware about the upcoming storm which was going to hit. Sailing in the storm was tranquil but , the tide of August 2020 , confined us in certain ways.

Unfortunately, In August 2020, I observed some weird changes in my skin. Therefore , the doctors in our family advised me to consult a doctor for the same in order to avoid any upcoming disease. So, following them I went for an ultrasound on the same day. And after further tests and investigations , we found out that I was suffering from Carcinoma.
It was found that I was having some malignant cells in my body. After some more further investigation, it was confirmed that I was suffering from 2nd stage breast cancer, which was moving towards other parts of the body.

For me , it was a total awestruck moment to find out that I was a cancer patient. There was an atmosphere of dejection and desolation. All the family members were mentally and emotionally shattered . I was also not able to accept the reality and was all broken by heart.

I went through several tests including biopsy, mammography, CBC, Fnac and many more. After all these investigations, it was the time for a prodigious operation. On 27th August 2020, there was a surgery of almost 3 hours , which was successfully executed in Balaji Action Cancer Hospital. The surgery was just an inauguration for the humongous treatment , the real struggle was on the way. There was fear in my mind but the heart said all will be fine.

For the chemotherapy therapy, I shifted to Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute And Research Centre. There were 8 cycles of chemo that were confiscated by me. I was just terrified by the name of chemotherapy. On 28th August 2020, I was admitted to the hospital for the first cycle of Chemotherapy. It was the physical and mental torture, just sitting there for an hour and having those fumious medicine drip into my nerves , giving me a feeling of terror.

After every 20 days , I had to take the Chemotherapy, only after executing certain types of tests before each chemotherapy, detecting the suitable antibodies present inside the body or not. My body became totally weak and reckless. There were various effects of the Chemotherapy on my body. Body became physically weak and mentally full of stress and anxiety. Nausea, loss of appetite,full body ache, vomiting were some of the Chemo effects. Hair loss was the biggest nightmare among all of them. I was so weak that sometimes I was not even able to get up from the bed. Also , it was a little difficult for me to swallow up the things , which made it difficult for me to feed on.

After every week, I had to visit the hospital for the transpose of the picc-line. Finally, after a lot of difficulties , on 10th February 2021, all the 8 cycles of the chemo were successfully completed. In all these difficulties and perplexities , my husband, Mr. Sandeep Yadav always stood by my side no matter what. The love & affection of my kids always kept me optimistic.These emotional & affectionate bond keeps me moving ahead with a spectacular smile. I'm thankful for the moral & medical support of my doctor. He acted as a strong pillar of strength during those stormy waves.

Just like Chemotherapy , Radiation therapy also has its own side effects like more weakening of the body , body pain , choked esophagus , and sometimes blood oozing from the mouth and many more.

Sometimes , I had negative vibes and thoughts , but I overcame them with a positive energy.
The last radiation took place on 20th March 2021. And , everything was getting back to normal.At last, began the hormonal treatment which will continue for about 5 years. In this treatment , I have to take very strong tablets every day that makes me full of anxiety inside out. The journey was resilient but I didn’t give up till the end. I have high faith in God and high ascertainment that never let me abandon.

Ater all the struggle , I was again covid positive in April 2021.Stormy waves return!!
On one hand, I was already so weak and my body was not even strong enough to fight against any disease, on the other hand , I caught the virus again. But , this time too I fought and recovered quite early, even with a weak body. But , it will be a cup of tea for me after struggling and fighting against such a massive disease.

I'm not the one who will just sit idle at home after such a disease . So, I decided to be back at my work. Therefore , I joined my school again in June 2021 with the same spirit , same enthusiasm , same energy and same determination.

The silver lining in this disruption is that I did not adhere to the“dogmas of the past”. Being an educationalist, it's quite tough for me to adapt but I learnt to sail my ship in that disastrous storm.

Are you a survivor, spouse, friend, or caretaker with a story to tell? We'd love to hear from you.